Weapons are the basic and mandatory element of any FPS gme, like UberStrike. Right from the start of the game, you get equipped with a machinegun and a splatbat (called a melee weapon, for all you hardcore players out there.) The player can buy weapons at the shop, win them in the Mystery Box (credits needed) or receive weapons upon purchasing bundles. Weapons can be rented or bought permantly for credits and points. However, some premium weapons are only available for credits, not points. As you progress through the levels, you are able to unlock and yield more powerful weapons; and by level 37, more then half the items that cost points in the shop wiil be available to you for rent. Below are the types of weapons and a picture showing one of the many different kinds of weapons of that type in UberStrike.

Weapon Types

Sir Victor and The Uber Hammer

Uber Hammer.

The strongest melee weapon in UberStrike. LAYETH THE SMACKDOWN ON THEIR MONKEY A$$ESS!

Hand Gun
USP Tactical
USP.45 Tactical

One of the fastest firing handguns in UberStrike and the first to be made available in more then one color.

Machine Gun

M4A1 Classic with Silencer


One of the most accurate Machine Guns in UberStrike and the first to feature a silencer.

SPAS-12 Classic

SPAS-12 Classic


The fastest firing Shotgun in UberStrike. Forget the wait time just spray the enemy with led until you run out of ammo then pick up more ammo and repeat.

Sniper Rifle
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AWP Classic

AWP Sniper

The strongest and most accurate sniper in all of UberStrike. 1 shot will eliminate unarmoured and lightly armored opponents in one non critical hit.


Enigma Cannon

One of the best cannons in UberStrike with a great splash radius that is blue.

Splatter Gun

The Arctic Rifile is the ice version of UberStrike's Magma Rifle. With an icy crome exterior you can barrage your opponents with clusters of ice.

One of the most lethal Launchers in UberStrike with 3 barrels for triple the trouble.

Special Edition Items

Dragon Edition Weapons

Already existing weapons but with different paint jobs and in some cases more ammo. There are also Special Edition armors.

These are just a few of the weapons that are in UberStrike.

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