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The Vlad was introduced by CMUNE on the January 6th 2012 , making it the 2nd (after the Ultima Cannon) weapon to be introduced after version 4.3.3. update went live. It is a hybrid shotgun-crossbow that fires 5 shots in one round, totaling 100 damage with 20 damage per arrow. It's classified as a shotgun. It currently also has a Level 28 level lock, and is a good intermediate weapon that will effectively take out unarmoured players in a single shot. Also, it is quite cheap at 1,800 points per day for loan. It is not recommended for use if you are going to play in either Sky Garden, Fort Winter, or CuberStrike, because it only has a starting ammo capcity of 15 and these maps do not have shotgun ammunition on them, making it possible to gain only 15 kills in one life (That's not much if you're a level 17 ). But ammo can be acquired if you take out someone who is using a shotgun, and get their weapon or use a charged ammo bot. It is currently the second most accurate shotgun after the Sawn Off Shotgun with 82% accuracy, it is also the ONLY shotgun to feature a faux iron sight for better aim. The Vlad is one of the three crossbow weapons in the game, including the Spiteful Stinger and the Nefarious Needler. like the Nefariuos Needler it was removed from Uberstrike becuase it was too " Over powered " but it has once again returned


  • It has since been removed from the Shop in a recent update and is now currently unavaliable in the shop as Cmune has removed it for specific reasons, but chances are it will be back sometime in the future.
  • When shot at an opponent it slows that player's speed down by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • It was quietly re-introduced on the 28th of May 2013 and is on sale for 6500 credits.