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The Vanquisher-640

The Vanquisher during 50% Discount. Discount no longer active.

The Vanquisher is a tier 3 Sniper Rifle class with a level restriction of 23 weapon that does a base damage of 110, with 165 upon a critical hit. The Vanquisher has a fire rate of 0.64.

After holding the honor of being the most powerful sniper rifle for a long time in the early days of Uberstrike, the Vanquisher was demoted to 110 damage from 120, passing the throne to its twin, the Dark Vanquisher. Later on, other Sniper Rifles were introduced leaving the Dark Vanquisher as third best and the standard Vanquisher the fourth.

The Vanquisher is a decent sniper, but the Dark Vanquisher can be a good alternative with a bonus 10 damage in cost for a slightly slower fire rate, and it's the same price permanently. Both Vanquishers has a level lock of 23.
ProMo UberStirke Vanquisher

Side-view of The Vanquisher.


The Vanquisher Dragon Edition

The Vanquisher Dragon Edition

Stark Vanquisher infosheet
The Vanquisher also has a dragon edition, released in lieu of Chinese New Year. The gun undergoes a retexture, the most notable being it's red hue and 'dragon-eyed' scope.  

The Kongregate variation has been removed as Uberstrike on Kongregate has, unfortunately, been shut down in early March 2013. This is not surprising, due to the fact that it is not well-known on Kongregate and that there are a negligible amount of UberStrikers originating from Kongregate.

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Precision - RippinRichard & Sheenaynay - Space City Dualtage

Precision - RippinRichard & Sheenaynay - Space City Dualtage

Check out pro players RippinRichard & Sheenaynay using the Vanquisher.