Uberstrike Uzi

You all have heard about it and you all love it (more or less) It is one of the most famous Sub Machine Guns known to man it is the one, and the only Uzi! Thats right the Uzi has finally made its way into UberStrike.

The Uzi is a Machine Gun class weapon with a very high rate of fire (Rate of Fire is 70 even higher then the Sabertooth's fire rate) with 18dmg per round. It spits out bullets so fast that you may risk running out of ammunition in the middle of an intense battle if misused. It is recommended that you engage in a face-off only when you have maximum ammunition in your Uzi. It is also recommended that you wield another back-up combat weapon like a shotgun in case. The Uzi has two diffirent versions.

Uzi VaraintsEdit

Uzi Black and


Uzi Black poster during the 13 days of Christmas sale

Uzi Camo (The one in the picture)

The Uzi camo is no longer available it was a limited edition weapon only. The Uzi Black on the other hand is still available.

The Uzi was the first weapon in UberStrike to have a camo paint job followed by the SPAS-12 Shotgun and AWP Sniper, it was also the first (and right now only) weapon to have an alternate gold version that is no longer available.

The Uzi is available to all players for points at level 70. Skip the wait by getting credits.

Uzi Gold aka Golden GunEdit

In the retired Golden Gun mode the Uzi is the Golden Gun that players can pick up in the middle of the map, it does 100 per hit and 150 per critical hit. In other words, its an Uzi on steroids with a gold paint job. Gold Uzi takes Machine Gun ammo but does not count as a machinegun-classed weapon. It counts as a Handgun, although it does not take Handgun ammo. If you already have a Handgun in your loadout then you will not be able to wield the Golden Gun. The Gold Uzi used to be available as a pickup weapon at Sky Garden in the middle of the garden, but has since been removed, most likely because of it being extremely overpowered.

Why the [Retired] Gold Uzi would NEVER go on sale.Edit

CMUNE has already made it clear that this weapon will never be on sale at the UberStrike shop, since it is supremely overpowered. An UberStrike Beta tester has tested the golden gun in a recent 'Hunt The Admin' challenge, and has confirmed that the Golden Gun will remain a special gun. Link: