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The Ultima Cannon is a spring grenade cannon. Its Cannon Rockets are similar to spring grenades. The Ultima Cannon may look cool but it is weak as a weapon since it only deals 20 damage. It is not recommended to buy this weapon for combat. But the Ultima Cannon is used by lots of people for it's Rocket Jumping power because it is the best of all cannons so it is recomended for Rocket Strafing and Rocket Jumping of course. Even though it is not powerful, the cannon also has a faster attack rate than most cannons. It is also good for someone who needs to practice getting direct hits with a cannon because they want to be good with a powerful cannon like the enigma cannon.

Price in ShopEdit

 *Permanent: Coins 5,200 Or 650 Credits. Corrected By Sickleoflife
Ultima Cannon infosheet