[The Uber Hammer is NO longer available in the shop. It was only available in the Juggernaut Elite Bundle, until the bundles' removal in 4.5]

The Uber Hammer is the strongest melee weapon in the game. It does a total of 150 damage. It is good against new players with 40 armour points or less, as it would instantly KO unarmored and lightly armoured opponents, but it is extremely slow so if missed, the enemy have a chance to escape with spring grenades or any other means of escaping. It also takes up a large fraction of the screen when used.

Juggernaut Elite Bundle (No Longer Available)Edit

Juggernaut Elite

Juggernaut Elite Bundle

Included in the Juggernaut Elite bundle is the whole Juggernaut armor, a Particle Lance, Oblivion Hammer, The Final Word and the Uber Hammer .

The Perfect Loadout Bundle (No longer available)Edit


The Perfect Loadout bundle

This bundle included the Pain Hammer, Ordinator Rifle, Shadow Gun, Painzerfaust and Uber Hammer .


Did you know that the Uber Hammer in the old versions of UberStrike did 200 damage?

UberStrike nerfed it due to spaming of basic players