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Are you looking for strong MG fire support at a cheap price? (cheap meaning no credits needed) Well then look no futher then the UMG. The UMG (Uber Machine Gun) is the upgraded version of the regular Machine Gun. A Machine Gun class weapon in Uberstrike that can be bought for 1650 Points per day. However, the player must be at least level 15 to buy the weapon. It deals 16 damage per hit, has a fire rate of 11.1 and an accuracy of 100%. It can be used for almost all sorts of combat situations for both it's high accuracy and excellent rate of fire. Highly recommended to buy if the player is Level 15+ and likes to use Machine Gun class weapons for combat. Also available in Dragon Edition when you purchase the Uber Dragon Edition B
ProMo UberStrike UMG
undle for $250.00. USD

The UMG is better then your regular Machine Gun. This Machine Gun is a great choice for players who don't have credits but want rapid fire power at a cheap price.


UMG in game

UMG Dragon Edition

UMG Dragon Edition in game