"The thunderous blast that this shotgun issues can be heard from miles away. Fear the Thunderbuss."


Another one of the elemental shotguns, the Thunderbuss is the second fastest firing shotgun in Uberstrike. The Thunderbuss strikes with a 10 x 13dmg blow, as a maximum achievable damage of 130. The high inaccuracy of the shotgun, however, makes the shotgun only truly effective and near point blank range, or lucky cheapshots,

How to obtainEdit

It is currently in store, purchasable, since the migration to Steam

  • 1 Day - 780 points, 90 credits
  • 1 Week - 4,368 points, 378 credits
  • Permanent - 5,200 points, 650 credits

The Thunderbuss also has a Dragon Edition finish available, which is obtainable once you have reached level 24:

  • 1 Day - 3,900 points, 450 credits
  • 1 Week - 21,840 points, 1,890 credits
  • Permanent - 26,000 points, 3,250 credits

Trivia Edit

  • The Thunderbuss is the only weapon that has a blue toned muzzle flash
  • The Thunderbuss has only been altered once, an accuracy nerf, before its placement into the Angry Box of Shotguns. These stats haven't changed since.
  • The Thunderbuss hasn't had any sound updates since it was introduced.