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The Final Word is a specialty Launcher Class Weapon. It fires sticky grenades that can be detonated on command. Three grenades can be active all at once. If an enemy comes in contact with one it will explode (provided you detonate it when they are around the grenade). If 3 are active, and another is fired the oldest active grenade will detonate.(Detonate command is right-click by default)


This launcher is avalible in the shop for credits only, 17900 credits permanent and 580 a day. however, note it has low splash and slow speed and its limited in range.

Return of the Final WordEdit

The Final Word made it's return to the Uberstrike shop since being removed from the launchers list when update 4.3.8 went live and now has an added upgrade (and to some a downgrade), the Final Word grenades are now fully remote. Before when ever you changed weapons any grenades on the field exploded instantly now when you change weapons the grenades will NOT explode. Which means you can use other weapons while you have Final Word grenades active.

These days The Final Words explosive are timed and will explode after at least a few seconds or you could Right-click and detonate the bombs.


The Juggernaut Elite Bundle. 100.00 USD.

Features the whole Juggernaut Armor set
Juggernaut Elite
, a Particle Lance, Oblivion Hammer and Uber Hammer.

Special Edition: Final KissEdit

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On February 14 2013 Valentines Day UberStrike realeased a special edition version of the Final Word called Final Kiss. The Final Kiss simply put is pink with hearts on it. This weapon was a weekend special and only available during the weekend. The grenades are pink.