Spring Grenades

A view of a Spring Grenade.

A Spring Grenade is used for jumping up high and crossing high places. It looks like a ball with mini Spring figures around it.


  • Most Pros mainly use the Spring Grenades to avoid bullets fired from opponenets and deliver shots while in mid-air. It is a good technique for those who are low-leveled players but it takes practise to use them.
  • Instead of using Cannons to do some high jumping,spring grenades are also useful as it dosen't inflict damage to one's self.
  • It can be used in some maps as a way of escaping from the enemy.
  • It is also used to force the opponent to suicide by throwing a grenade at their feet and making them fly out of the map or force an enemy to die by flying up too high (Though its rare for it to happen).


  • It used to be sold in the shop in 1,3,5 and 8 reusable grenades respectively but cmune made an update making removing the reuseable ones. However there are certain bundles that include reusable SGs such as the Hitman bundle which has 3 reusable SGs You can buy 50 SGs for 350 points.