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The new version of Splatter gun

The splattergun is a fast firing energy-classed weapon that shoots blue elctricity clusters. Each cluster has splash damage that can stun and blind enemies, creating a deadly, easy-to-wield weapon. This weapon is most effective in maps like Sky Garden and The Warehouse as well as other small maps. Shooting at the opponent's feet is the recommended strategy, as the splash damage would mean that the opponent will be more likely to take damage due to the explosion confirmed to be happening.It is recommende to use with cannon or maybe splatbat,after a few shot to blind enemy swap to cannon to kill them when close range swap to melee weapon instead.
Splatter Gun Info

The update that came on 04.19.2013 increased the Spalttergun's damage in rates of, 18,20,22,24,28.

Price in ShopEdit

  • Permanent: 7,200 coins or 680 credits


It is said that the Splattergun is a mix of the classic Machinegun and the radical Cannon - it has a machinegun-like rate of fire, but has a cannon-like damage system, dealing delayed/splash damage.

This gun has often been referenced to as a 'Plasma Gun', which is the more common term for sci-fi guns like these, appearing in many other FPS games such as PlanetSide 2, StarCraft, and Shadowgun, to name a few.

Some players dislike this gun as is too general lack of speed to reach target and  unable to perform critical shot on enemies, though the bullets of this guy can go at the same distance...