Dragon Edition Weapons

Special Edition Items are, as the name suggest, "Special" in terms of color and look. Some weapons will have 2 diffrent versions of the same.

For example: There are 2 Juggernaut Armors but one looks different and have a different color and name then the other. The verson of the armor that is labelled Dragon Edtion is a special item.

Important Notice.Edit

Special Edition Armors are only different in terms of color and price other then that they are COMPLETELY the same as their orginal, they DO NOT add more or less armor than the orginal. Special Edition weapons are only different in terms of color, pricing and starting ammo. Other than that they are the same as the original and do no more and no less damage then the orginal.

Right now there are different colored versions of armors and weapons already in the game. Here is a list of the color types.

These pics are some examples of special edition weapons and armors.

Dragon Edition Weapons and ArmorEdit

Juggernaut Dragon Edition

Juggernaut Armor Dragon Edition and Vanquisher Dragon Edition


Niga Armor Black Dragon Edition with the Mythic Edge Dragon Edition

Particle Lance Dragon Edition

Particle Lance dragon Edition


Magma Rifle Dragon Edition

Camo Edition Weapons and ArmorEdit


SIG 552 Camo Special no longer available


SPAS-12 Camo Edition. Special no longer available


Ophion Heavy Armor camo

Scout Armor

Ophion Scout Armors. Regular Edition (left) Camo Edition (right)

Classic and Black Edition WeaponsEdit

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AWP Classic


Uzi Black poster during the 13 days of Christmas sale

Tiger Edition WeaponsEdit

Awp tiger

Awp Tiger

M4A1 Lucky Draw

Top to bottom, M4A1 Tiger, Camo and Black.

Valentines Day Edition WeaponsEdit


Snake Edition WeaponsEdit

AWP & SPAS-12 Snake Editions

AWP & SPAS-12 Snake Edition

UberSnake includes Snake Edition AWP, P Lance, AK-47, SPAS-12 and the Boomslang

Boomslang, Particle Lance, AWP Sniper, SPAS-12 and Ak-47 all Snake Edition