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With a high damage output, pin-point accuracy, and a zoomable scope, the sniper rifle is a good weapon for those with a steady aim and a quick trigger finger.

Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle Information
In-game Stats


Tier 1 Sniper Rifle




7,200 Points/680 Credits

Firing Type



80 per hit

Critical Damage

120 per hit (50%)

Ammo Capacity

(Information Needed. Please contact 042lej)

Most Effective at

Mid, Long Range


The sniper rifle is the "basic" level weapon for the sniper class. It fires a single round that deals a hefty 80 damage upon contact, with a bonus 40 damage for critical shots. The scope can be activated with a right click,  which zooms in, adds a crosshair, but blacks out the outer parts of the screen. 

The sniper rifle enjoys absolute accuracy; if multiple shots are fired without adjusting aim, the shots will hit the exact same area. The same applies to non-scoped shots as well, granting the sniper rifle limited no-scope capabilities. The high accuracy and scope allow for mid and long range engagements.

There are two major disadvantages to using the sniper rifle, however. Using the scope leaves the user with "tunnel vision", making the user oblivious to his or her surroundings. Because of its low rate of fire, if a user is attacked at close range, it may leave them temporarily defenceless until they can switch to a close-quarters weapon.


The sniper rifle excels at long range maps and open, such as Lost Paradise 2, Cuberstrike, and Gideon's Tower. It is less useful, however, on close range maps such as The Warehouse.


  • Initially, the sniper rifle had an old, weather-beaten look and had its scope a shade of camo green, and was largely been criticised as having unrealistic, and 'plastic'-like textures. After 4.3.2, in which CMUNE revamped the UberStrike graphics greatly, the sniper rifle undergone a complete overhaul, granted a larger scope, whiter hue, and a different firing sound. This has allows it to look and 'feel' more like a sniper rifle.
  • It was available in the back-to-basics bundle which cost $20.00.