V4.3.6 Sky Garden
Sky Garden is a wide open map that forces players to tread carefully and take cannon shots very carefully so they don't blast themselves off of the map.

There are a lot of ways to attack the enemy, you can either grab a Machine Gun, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle and shoot your enemies at close range, snipe from the circle or the two outer circles or even grab a melee and lay the Smackdown on everybody.

Best thing to do if your sniping is make sure it's not a deathmatch, because then everyone will shoot while you aim.If the other sides people are not near, get up to the front and snipe, also move every few seconds or so if the person your sniping is aiming at you. A way to snipe under fire is to get in the middle of the 2 cubes to your right and take quick aim.

In v4.3.6. Sky Garden was retextured as a full map.


Sky Garden is a huge map floating in space. There are two sp

Old SkyGarden

awning areas at both sides of the map, one for the blue team and for the red team. The map can be divided into two: The red side of the map and the blue side of the map, which is for the two teams red and blue. There are two bridges that connect the two spawning areas. In the middle of the bridges are small platforms, which the player uses to go to the huge cirlce in the middle.

There is a huge circle in the middle, which might be intended for group combats. To add to the challenge, two moving walls are added. The bigger wall goes around the outside of the circle in a clockwise motion, while the smaller one, which rotates in the middle spins in the middle of the circle.

Golden GunEdit

Sometime after the map Golden Gun was removed the golden gun mode was transferred to the orginal Sky Garden. It was regarded as a bad move by most players.

Removal of the Golden GunEdit

The Golden Gun was officially removed in version 4.3.9 due to high spamming. It was quite overpowered, making it impossible to play a normal round. After many people complained about this weapon, Cmune simply took it away. It is unknown if the weapon will ever be back on this map or in the game.


  • Even though it is called Sky Garden, it doesn't resemble a garden at all.
  • Sky Garden and Fort Winter are both the first Blueboxes ever in Uberstrike, before they were fully textured.
  • When Sky Garden was fully textured, a huge diamond was added just below the map. It might be an inspiration from the film Laputa: Castle in the Sky. In the film, there was a mystical hidden city that was floating in the sky because of a mysterious stone called 'aetherium.'