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Capable of dealing large amounts of damage at close range, the shotgun is a good weapon for those with good reactions and a quick trigger finger.

Shotgun infosheet
In-game stats


Tier 1 Shotgun




7,200 Points/680 Credits

Firing Type

Semi-Automatic Scatter (10 pellets)


10 per hit (per pellet)

Critical Damage

None (?, please contact 042lej)

Ammo Capacity


Most Effective At

Close Range


The shotgun is the "basic" level weapon for the Shotgun class. Each "shot" fires 10 pellets at a spread which each do 10 damage, for a total of 100 damage, making it capable of eliminating unarmored and wounded enemies in one shot. Due to the spread of the weapon, it is also possible to hit multiple enemies with a single shot, making it valuable in crowded quarters and for crowd control. Its spread also allows it to knock opponents out of the air, thus disrupting their course.

The shotgun, however, is not without its drawbacks. While capable of delivering devastating damage at close range, the spread of the shot makes long-range engagement extremely difficult. The shotgun also has a slow rate of fire, opening the user to return fire if a shot fails to hit or eliminate an enemy. The shotgun, while capable of eliminating lightly armored or wounded opponents, is less capable of taking down a fully armored enemy. Lastly, because the shotgun's spread, a shotgun user may be easily gunned-down at mid to long-range.

Overall, the shotgun is a capable weapon that fulfills its role as a close-quarters weapon.


Although the shotgun has limited killing power, it is extremely capable of delivering small hits. Hit an opponent with a heavy hitter such as a Sniper Rifle or Splatbat to bring down their health, then finish them off with a shotgun blast for efficient elimination. The reverse can also be applied with high ROF weapons: use a shotgun blast to cripple an opponent, then use the superior DPS of an automatic weapon to finish them off.


The shotgun excels at combat in close, cramped quarters, making it extremely useful in maps such as The Warehouse, Hanger, and Gideon's Tower. It is less useful, however, on long open maps, such as Apex Twin or CuberStrike.


  • The shotgun is one of very few weapons that has experienced little gameplay changes over time.
  • Even though the sound distiguishes a pump after fired, there is no visible pumping mechanism on the weapon


Basics for Dummies

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