Sawn off shotgun with the two phases of reloading

The Sawn Off Shotgun is a shotgun class weapon with extreme acuracy (86%). This shotgun, because of its high accutacy, deals easy high damage at good range, due to it only firing 4 pellets dealing 30 damage (or 66dmg with critical). It is the only shotgun in UberStrike to feature a complicated reloading interface. Strangely enough, two shotgun shells are ejected from the barrel of the gun during the reloading interface, but only one shotgun shell is needed to reload this gun.

Its handle resembles that of the J-type shotguns, name the Firewave, Thunderbuss and Ectopod.

Despite being a double barrel break action shotgun, the handle and trigger resembles more of a lever action shotgun.

It is also available in Pimped edition. The pimped has a different barrel design thet is similar to the Tec-9 pimped. This version also contains more start ammo.

The Sawn Off Shotgun is one of the easiest shotguns to deal over 100dmg at mid\long range and, thanks to its 264 critical damage, is the second most powerful shotgun in Uberstrike history, right behind the Jericho, which deals one more damage unit, yet its harder to score such damage with it.