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The Sabertooth in game

The Sabretooth is a tier 4 machinegun as (along with the Battlesnake) one of the fastest firing weapons in the game. it does 10 damage per hit, has a firing rate of 50 and an accuracy of 81%, slightly more accurate than the Battlesnake. It requires about 3 seconds to charge before it starts firing, but with alt-fire you can rev the barrels to fire instantly once the barrels are spinning at the right speed. Doing this, however, can slow you down quite drastically. Due to its very high Rate of Fire, it will run out of ammo pretty quick and the player is advised to pick up Machinegun Ammo often during or in between firefights. Generally suited for close to mid-range combat but its devastating rate of fire and really high accuracy can let it fire and take down opponents at a surprising mid-long range. The player needs to be Level 31 to purchase the Sabertooth. If you play the game a lot you'll be able to unlock the Sabretooth in no time.


The following are the current prices of the Sabertooth

50 Credits for 1 week.

9,240 Points for 1 week

2,310 Credits for 1 week

90,720 Coins for Purchase Permanent

15,900 points for purchase permanent


The Sabretooth did not require charging before shooting until update 4.3.8. Thanks to the new update the only diffrence between the Battlesnake and the Sabertooth is the Sabertooth has better accuracy otherwise it's the same as the Battlesnake.