Weapon IconMachine Gun IconTier 2

Featuring a high rate of fire, low spread, and a 2x zoom, the Sig-552 is a powerful weapon at close to mid-range.

Sig 552
Sig552 Information
In-game stats


Tier 2 Machine Gun




21,600 Points/2,720 Credits

Firing Type

Semi-Automatic 3 Round Burst


25 per hit

Critical Damage


Ammo Capacity


Most Effective At

Close, Mid-Range


The Sig-552 is a battle rifle that occupies the Machine Gun slot. It fires three shots at once for the cost of one ammo, not unlike a shotgun, albeit with little spread over short and mid distances. Each individual shot deals a devastating 25 damage for a potential total of 75 damage per round. The Sig also features a 2x zoom for enhanced aiming over long ranges and a blistering fast fire rate, putting it on par with Sniper Rifles at medium distances. Its triple shot capabilities allow it to serve in lieu of a shotgun in close quarters, making it an all around excellent weapon.

One should note, however, that accuracy severely drops off at large distances, making it less useful for long range combat. Also, it occupies the Machine Gun Slot, which restricts the user from using most automatic weapons. This makes the Sig slightly less useful at close quarters maps.


The Sig-552 alone excels as a multipurpose weapon, capable of use as both a mid-range sniper rifle and a shotgun. When used properly, it is not uncommon to score 50-75 damage in a single hit. The Sig is also useful with sniper rifles: Use a sniper rifle to drop an opponent's health, then use the superior spread of the Sig to finish them. The reverse strategy can be used with a shotgun: give an opponent a Sig burst, then finish them off with a shotgun blast.

With a high maximum capacity and a single burst only costing one ammo, the Sig is highly ammo efficient, even on maps without Machine Gun Ammo.

The Sig is also useful as an "interrupter" to knock people from their jump booster aided paths. If a round connects with a foe in the air, it will knock them off course, giving you the upper hand.

But while the Sig excels as a sniping and counter sniping weapon, it is not a proper replacement for a sniper rifle, as the linear-accuracy of a sniper rifle greatly exceeds that of the Sig at long ranges. Also, it occupies the Machine Gun slot, denying the player from using other automatic machine guns.


Like the AWP Sniper and SPAS-12 the SIG 552 features uniquely skinned variants:

Black (Purchasable in the shop)

Camo (Retired)

Tiger (Retired)

In addition to their unique look, the variants feature more ammo upon spawning.


The Sig shines in maps with long, open spaces, such as Lost Paradise 2, Temple of the Raven, and Monkey Island 2. It is less useful, however, on close-quarters maps such as Sky Garden and The Warehouse