Rocket Jumping, or Cannon Jumping, is an advanced movment technique that can be employed in Uberstrike. It is similar to Grenade Launcher Jumping but quite a bit easier to execute, depending on the cannon you have.

To rocket jump the player points their cannon at the nearest surface and jumps just as the rocket impacts the surface. The better the timing and the better the angle the explosions force feedback impacts the player the better the rocket jump will be.

The force feedback from the rocket explosion will propel a rocket jumping player in a certain direction, vertically if pointed down at the feet and horizontally if beside or behind a player on the ground or off a wall. The player will also gain speed. This speed is lost due to downward acceleration due to gravity but can be used to speed a player up if they employ strafe jumping after they horizontally rocket jump.

You can rocket jump off floors, walls and even other players! Any surface that allows you to get close enough to and triggers a rocket explosion can be used. It takes a lot of practice to be able to rocket jump both regularly and accurately. A good understanding of where to aim rockets on varying positions (ie walls and floors etc) is required to be able to do advanced jumps.