Painzerfaust (Uberstrike)
This is the fastest firing cannon in the game. It's fast firing speed along with it's splash damage of 40 makes it a great choice for jumpers that like to circle their opponents and barrage them with cannon blast after cannon blast. The Painzerfaust is perfect for circling opponents and hitting them with constant splash damage.

The Painzerfaust was one of the decent starting weapons if a player didnt prefer the basic Cannon


This weapon is NO longer available in the shop. However it is available in the Mystery Box drawing.

Combat Edit

Even Though this weapon is Semi-Auto it is best to used as Hit and Dodge situation

High Max Capacity and rapid fire make it a very effective weapon at small space area

Not Very effective if you hold down left click when used most of your shoot doesn't even hit and wasted of ammo


  • The Weapon was featured in the renewed Paradice Paintball under the name Panzerfaust. It was later changed once the game was retitled to Uberstrike.