Weapon IconShotgun IconTier 2

Dealing up to 168 damage in a single shot and capable of blasting opponents off of ledges, the Pain Hammer is a worthy successor to the basic shotgun

Pain Hammer
Pain Hammer Infosheet
In-game stats


Tier 2 Shotgun




14,300 Points/1,300 Credits

Firing Type

Semi-Automatic Scatter (7 pellets)


24 per hit

Critical Damage


Ammo Capacity


Most Effective At

Close Range and Medium Range


The Pain Hammer is a Tier 2 shotgun that fires 8 pellets, each dealing 24 damage, for a total of 168 damage. However, the Pain Hammer is slightly less accurate than the shotgun, giving it a slightly smaller effective range.

Because the Pain Hammer often deals chains of 48, 72, and 96 damage, the Pain Hammer pairs well with cannons, which deal high amounts of area based damage, and splatterguns, which deal relatively large amounts of damage.

Note, however, that the Pain Hammer is not without its drawbacks. Due to the low pellet count and high spread, the it features greater range limitations than the shotgun. Also, because it deals damage in multiples of 24, it requires slightly more shots to take out a full health/lightly armored player.