Weapon IconSniper Rifle IconTier 2

The Ordinator Rifle is a low damage sniper rifle. However, this is offset by the fact that it is one of the fastest firing sniper rifles in the game in UberStrike.

The rifle fires fast and is devasting against a damaged opponent. Missing shots are not too important as the rate of fire is high. On a successful body shot, it deals 60 damage while a headshot or nutshot deals 90. The only weakness is the high recoil and low damage.


The Ordinator Rifle had a rough history. It was purchasable in-game since before 2012 and was a favourite amongst no-scopers and basic wielders, as it offered an alternative to the basic sniper rifle. Much to UberStrikers' dismay, this gun was removed in v4.3.4, and disappeared for several months. However, after CMUNE heard of the many requests to bring this gun back, their wish was finally granted. In v4.3.10, the Ordinator Rifle was finally re-introduced into UberStrike. The Ordinator Rifle can be rented using coins, but one has to use credits in order to buy it permanent.

Yet ever since the 4.4 update, the Ordinator Rifle cannot be rented and now can only be bought for 21k as a tier 2 sniper rifle.