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Ophion Armor. Regular (Left) Camo Edition (Right)

Ophion Scout ArmorEdit

Scout Armor

Ophion Scout Armors. Regular Edition (left) Camo Edition (right)

The Scout Armor has the highest AP out of any of the other Ophion's armor (120 when the AP of the Body and Pants are combined) but it's Defence Bonus is the lowest out of all the Ophion Armors. DB is 20 when the Body and Legs are combined.

The bundle cost is $250. All guns in bundle are black not snake or tiger.

Ophion Heavy ArmorEdit


Ophion Heavy Armors Regular Edition (Right) and Camo Edition (Left)

The Ophion heavy armor has the highest Defence Bonus out of all the Ophion armors (40 DB when the Body and Leg armor are combined) but it also has the lowest AP out of all the Ophion armors.