Ob Hammer
"Biggest and Chunkiest of the Hammer Solutions Shotguns, the Oblivion Hammer is slow to shoot but will blast your enemies out of this world."

Hammer solution #3: When Hammer solution 1 and 2 fail use the Oblivion Hammer.

The Oblivion Hammer used to be the most powerful Shotgun (and gun) in the game until the arrivial of the Jericho. It deals a maximum of 225 damage, has a fire rate of 0.7 and an accuracy of 47%. Should only be used in small maps and close combat situations due to it's extremely poor accuracy. Only available for credits or in the Juggernaut Bundle. Despite its chunkiness, however, it usually does a woefully minute amount of damage, as most pellets will miss even in close range maps like Fort Winter. This gun resembles the Jericho the most in the aspects of Damage output, Accuracy, Rate of Fire and the fact that they both can only be bought using credits.