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A group of islands just off the coast of Costa Rica, the Paradise Islands are a great hunting ground for privateers with a keen eye for sniping. Two towering volcanic pillars privide the perfect lookout for those able to make it there in one piece. However if you stand at the top of the pillars near the edge you will be an easy target.


Lost Paradise 2 seems to be a small group of islands that have once been inhabited by soldiers because there are wooden watchtowers, wooden huts and helicopter wreckages. It is full of coconut trees that can be used as hiding spots. The most notable landmarks of Lost Paradise 2 are the huge pillars that provide a bird's eye view of the whole map.

Common Strategies

There are a lot of strategies that experienced or skilled players use. The most common is hiding. Since Lost Paradise 2 is a big map, snipers can hide almost everywhere, like the coconut trees, the water, the watchtowers and the pillars.

Another tactic is to engage in territorial camping. This is done by constantly roaming around a specific area with launch pads and spring grenades, and killing any enemy at sight "invading" your territory.