The Bunker

The Blue teams side of the Bunker

ormly known as The Warehouse 2. This level was renamed by the people of UberStrike TWICE during a survey conducted on the official UberStrike Facebook page where Cmune asked the people to vote on their favorite name for The Warehouse 2 the winning name would then be the official name of this map and the winning name was The Bunker. After that it was renamed by Cmune as the Hanger.

About the Map's GeographyEdit

This map has two sides one for the red team and the other for the blue team. There are two ramps that connect to a bridge in the middle of the map. The bridge has a giant opening in it that leads to a tunnel that connects both sides. There are 2 ways to the other side of the map. The first is the bridge and the second is the tunnel system (there are 3 ways entrances into the tunnels). Finally for each side there is a balcony with a few windows that are great for snipers.