"Brave the heights of Gideons Tower, situated in the heart of Ubercity One. Beware, for a fall from its narrow ledges means certain death for any privateer."
UberStrike Gideons Tower HDX

Gideons Tower Art by CMUNE.

This map is the first map that has to do with Urban Warfare, the map takes place in 2 buildings shot guns are perfect for inside the level where as snipers are great for the outside ,people with close range gun can jump around since they have no firepower when shooting a person far away, the inside or the map is a little cramped but the outside has a bit more room.

Gideons Tower is located at the heart of a city called "Uber City One." It comprises of two identical towers beside each other in the middle of the city. A bridge that players can go through the top that connects the two towers and there 2nd floor together. Players can walk across the top which is on the same level as the first floor below the roof. Players can go on the roof and the three floors that are underneath it. The rest of the towers is sealed off from the player as is the city below.

Gideons Tower was orginally called "Oriental Kenzo 2" as its inspiration is Oriental Kenzo, a popular map from Paradise Paintball 2.8 and 3.x.x.x. The original Oriental Kenzo is also inspired, this time inspired by the old office buildings with the same name, that CMUNE used to work in. These offices were located in Beijing China.

Players spawn on their teams building. There are red and blue sides of the buildig, each building is distinguished by a red and blue flag above a tower.

This map consists of many camping and hiding spots and plenty of ammo, health and armor supplies. Intensive battle usually ensues at the bridge, as the bridge is the only legitimate way to invade and control the opponent's base. It is also the only place in the map that spawns UberArmour, UberHealth and ammunition for every type of gun.