In celebration of Halloween Cmune released a special limited edition armor called the Ghost Pirate armor. This armor is similar to the Bradford peg leg armor but instead of a red hat, red jacket, and brown pants the entire Ghost Pirate armor as well as it's accessories (Accessories being The Hat, Gloves, Beard and Shoes) are all blue. The Ghost Pirate armor comes with a beard. Unlike the Bradford armor the Ghost Pirate armor has 60 AP and 10 DB for both the body and leg armor which when combined equals 120 AP and 20 DB.

This armor is no longer available but chances are next Holloween it might be back but thats not a guarantee but possible.

Rumoured Glitch [Unconfirmed]Edit

During the sale, it was reported that it was available permanent for 1 point. Some lucky people managed to take advantage of it and bought it permanent. It was avalaible for 5 minutes until it was patched.

Appearance Edit

This armour appears to be the ghost of captain bradford. Which can be obtained from the shop with points. This however has more armour and it gives off an electric-blue colour.