Weapon IconSniper Rifle IconTier 2


G3SG1 Black

The first fully automatic sniper rifle to be added to UberStrike. The G3SG1 may have a low damage output but it's fast automatic firing more then makes up for it allowing you to put pressure on enemies from long distances. This is the fastest firing sniper in the game surpassing even the Ordinator Rifle as well as the Snap Shot in terms of firing speed. Despite the low damage of 30, the G3SG1 can deliver solid headshots with a 175% critical hit bonus.


This sniper rifle has the same zoom factor as the Deliverator; and is presumed to be the predecessor of the late Snap Shot, since they both have a blistering rate of fire and low damage output. The Snap Shot has since been removed from the shop in the v4.3.9 update for unknown reasons. Its scheduled return date to the UberStrike shop is uncertain.

The G3SG1 release date comes only a few days after the MSR Sniper was released. This has resulted in notable confusion among the two, as both have a high rate of fire.

The G3SG1 comes in Classic, Black and Camo variations. Only available for credits.