Rocket jumping It is a good choice to use ultima cannon to rocketjump around the map. It is possible to obtain the uberhealth by rocketjumping. For those players who are lousy players,they can rocketjump onto one of the bunkers and try to shoot at enemies. Hopefully they will not notice you and you can continue shooting. Map Icon ForWinter

A Official map created by: Team Cmune

Fort Winter is a small, intense map designed for furious team elimiation gameplay.

Best played with 6 players per team. This map is also designed for intense Death Match games.

Orignally starting off as a bluebox map, Fort Winter is now fully

textured and a map favorited by many. It contains four building like structures with pathways in between. There are two spawn areas (team based) and this map delivers heated action for gameplay with melee, power weapons, and even snipers.Anyone that could get on the structures could kill a lot of people,I kill about 4 people before getting shoot or out of ammo. The map is perfect for close range to mid-range fights. There are no ammunitions found in this map.


Basically, Fort Winter is a military camp or base that is possibly found in a high or cold place. There are barbed wires, gates at the sides of the map and the occasional helicopter that flies above and flashes a light. There are four buildings with pathways between them, but most of the fights happen in the spawning area.

When Fort Winter was a Bluebox Map, it was basically a medium-sized map with four huge squares in the middle and is floating out of outer space, which is common for most Blueboxes.


  • Fort Winter was once a Bluebox Map and was bright and very packed with player, but now it is uncommon to find a Fort Winter map game because it is now darker.(After the new update, the brightened the map so people can see more easily)
  • Fort Winter and Sky Garden were the first Blueboxes in Uberstrike, before they were fully textured.