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Force Cannon

The Force Cannon was widely considered the best cannon in the game. With the introduction of new weapons it fell behind in terms of strength. Some players still prefer it over other cannons due to it's high velocity and good rocket jumping power. It is also very cheap compared too the other Cannons.

Statistics Edit

Full Damage: 75

Splash Damage: 11, 32, 54

Splash: 3.5 Metres

Ammo: 10/25

Velocity: 70

The Force Cannon is the little brother of the Force Cannon Plus. It does 75 damage if it is a direct hit. It has a medium splash radius and has good rocket jumping power. It is reccomended to buy this weapon as it is cheap, strong and has good rocket jumping power.

Price In Shop Edit

Currently the price of the force cannon is 23,400 coins or 2,720 credits