Weapon IconGrenade Launcher IconTier 3

" If one blow of this won't demolish you, the last 2 will ''
The Demolisher is a tier 3 Launcher that stands out from the rest of its class. One badass Launcher, this is one of the best grenade launchers in Uberstrike. It fires 3 grenades at a time in a burst fashion, making it more devastating than any other grenade launchers. Has a damage of 40 per grenade and has a capacity of 20\30 grenades. This can only be obtained at level 25. a good strategy is to jump around your enemies firing, this does a lot of damage although it would be less likely to make kills that way. The Demolisher, like most high velocity Launchers, works best at small enclosed areas where you can corner your opponents with bouncing the nades around corners. Its heavily recommended you dont spam this weapon as youll run out of ammo really quickly (practically firing 3 times with 20 ammo before you run out)

Facts\Tips Edit

~Even though you may not have enough ammunition for another burst (3+ ammo), the Demolisher will fire three grenades anyway

~ The Demolisher will still fire in the same direction even when you turn while the Launcher fires, which the wielder must take into account when they make their shot.