Death Hammer

"This gun is the Big Brother of the Pain Hammer, and packs a proportionally larger punch with the extra barrel it sports."

The Death Hammer is third most powerful Shotgun in terms of raw (non critical) damage, second only to the Oblivion Hammer then the Jericho. Available at Level 29. It deals a damage of 180: 12 pellets each dealing 15 damage.It has a fire rate of 0.8/s (same as Pain Hammer) and an accuracy of 38%. Best used for close range combat on small maps.
Death Hammer cut 2
This weapon was also featured in the Zombie Bundle along with The Sender melee weapon and the Cyber Zombie Lutz Holo Skin before the Bundles' removal in 4.5, but is no longer available.
ProMo UberStirke Death Hammer

Side-view of The Death Hammer.


Facts Edit

The Death Hammer is one of the few (if not the only one) that doesnt have a tier and still has the original description in the shotgun's tooltip.

Even though the Death Hammer doesnt have a tier rating, its suited to be a tier 3 shotgun.