The Dark Vanquisher is a stronger version of the Vanquisher. Its scope is tinted red and the weapon itself is of a
The Warehouse 2

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Dark Vanquisher (cropped)

The Dark Vanquisher in game


The Dark Vanquisher in Spaceport Alpha

slightly darker hue. The Dark Vanquisher deals 120 damage per hit (10 more than the Vanquisher) and 180 damage on headshots/nutshots. The Rate of Fire is 1,650 (150 slower than the Vanquisher) It also has the same scroll zoom as the Vanquisher after being nerfed. It has a level lock of 37 and is available to players for permant purchase of 54,000 points and 17,900 credits. The weapon is recommended for players who are looking for an upgrade to their Vanquisher.

Stark VanquisherEdit

A Valentines Day version of the Dark Vanquisher has been realeased called the Stark Vanquisher


The Valentines Day version of the Dark Vanquisher

Trivia​ ​Edit

The Dark Vanquisher used to have a scope of 10/10. It is now nerfed so the scope is the same as the Vanquisher. It is the 3rd Strongest/2nd Sniper Rifle falling to the Annihilator (tied) and AWP In terms of regular hits

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