CuberStrike now


CuberStrike during the blue box days. The map layout is still the same.

Cuberstrike is one of UberStrike's biggest maps, situated in space it is perfect for sniper battles.

It was named CuberStrike because most of the platforms and buildings are made of cubes. Ammunitions is of average and is mostly scattered, not to mention limited to Cannon and Sniper ammo. There is only one health packet that can be picked up, and that is the UberHealth. Armor is also of average and is mostly composed of Big Armors but an UberArmor can be found on one of the floating cubes at the higher part of the map.

This map is no longer a blue box map as Cmune has colored it in. It is the same color as CuberSpace the only difference is that their is no low gravity.
Map Icon CuberStrike

CuberStrike before