Uberstrike CT Team

The CT Gear is one of the only armors in Uberstrike with 120 AP a few others being Sentai Samurai Armor, Ophion Armor Scout, Rebel Gear, Lucius The Cruel Gear, Baron Gear and Ghost Pirate.

Released along side The AWP Sniper the CT Gear is a 6 part set of armor that covers the Head, Face, Body, Hands, Legs and Feet. (Only the Vest and Pants provide armor points).

Head: CT Helmet

Face: CT Mask

Body: CT Vest (60 Armor Points and 20 DB Points)

Hands: CT Gloves

Legs: CT Tactical Pants (60 Armor points and 20 DB Points)

Feet: CT Boots

Unlike all the other body armors in UberStrike the CT vest has 5 different versions each representing a diffrent country,

USA, UK, France, Germany and Russia.

Other then the Country's flag on the left arm (USA flag on the left arm of the USA Vest etc) each CT Vest is the same in armor and style. The body armor and leg armor have 60 AP and 20 DB each and when combined will equal a total of 120 AP and 40 DB (enough to surive 1 shot from an AWP or any other sniper no matter where it hits).