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The newer style Cannon.

The basic weapon of the Cannon class. The Cannon's shots are medium velocity rockets that explode upon contact. The rockets have a decent sized Splash Range, and deal 65 damage for a direct hit. The Cannon has medium rate of fire. Most player use this weapon for the following reasons - It's free, It's decent in medium range battle, it's a two hit kill, and Cannon ammo is incredibly common. It is also an average rocket jumping gun - what happens is that when you shoot the ground, the knockback dervied from the splash damage propels you into the air, while taking some form of self-inflicted damage as a result.

Price in Shop( After 4.4 update)Edit

  • Permanant: 7,200 coins or 680 credits


  • Rocket Jumping has been nerfed for this weapon.
  • Using a cannon might need some armor so you won't die so easily.
  • The Cannon undergone a retexture in 4.3.3, hosting an extra ventilation slot at the top with incandescent light glowing from it in other cannons. The picture in the gallery shows the pre-4.3.3 texture.]
  • it the most recommended weapon for Newbie's as it easy to use making getting XP and Point a lot easy and the price for permenant is fairly cheap