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There are 3 different types of bots: Health, Armor and Ammo bot. They can assist you in great ways.

Health BotEdit

Health bot

health bot

The health bot, has a charging time of 2 seconds. It also replenishes only 80 health points so be careful about how you use it.

Ammo BotEdit

Ammo Bot

Ammo Bot

This bot, replenishes the default ammount of starting ammo a weapon has. This is essential for maps that don't have a type of ammo that you need. It too, has a 2 second charge,

Armour BotEdit

Armour bot

Armour Bot

This bot, replenishes armour. I replenishes 50 AP with a charge time of 2 seconds. This can be essential in large maps or you are unable to reach the nearest armour. This can affect your gameplay greatly so use it well.