Regular Bio Lance

The Bio Lance is now available in UberStrike. This is the first laser pistol weapon ever to be introduced to UberStrike, it does 20 damage and has a critical hit ratio of..... 400%!!!! (80 damage). It also has a fire rate of 5.0, beating almost all of the other pistols in attack rate. As of the 4.4.1 update, this gun no longer exists.

Minor Set BackEdit

One set back of this weapon is the fact that it shoots rails of laser beams (Just like the Particle Lance) and fast, in otherwards the holder of this thing might as well hold up a sign saying "I'M RIGHT HERE" in either blue or yellow because each shot will give the user away almost instantly. Also, the accuracy is at 100%, so when you shoot you have to get a perfect shot (no lucky shots [like when you fire your machine gun at a target far away])


  • Having a single critical hit will leave your opponent vulnerable to a random attack (unless they have armor)
  • Because the weapon gives away your location, and it has max accuracy, it is good to start off with a single shot (head shot or nut shot if possible) and chase them with multiple shots.
  • Take advantage of the fact that the weapon gives your location. Fire shots, and just as someone is about to get you, get someone hiding (underwater, grass, hills, etc) to blast them away [You have to be careful about snipers though]


  • This weapon comes in 2 versions, blue and Limited Edition yellow.
  • The blue version of this weapon costs 6500 credits.
  • This weapon can be easily mistaken as the particle lance or the fusion lance.