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The Battlesnake

The Battlesnake (along with the Sabertooth) is one of the fastest firing weapons in the game. it does 10 damage per hit, has a Rate of Fire of 50 and a accuracy of 69%. A drawback is that the Battlesnake has to charge for a moment before firing. Holding the secondary fire button charges it (without firing) and makes it ready to shoot at enemies. Charging it will make the player move slower and may give away the player's position. It will run out of ammo pretty quickly, so the player is advised to pick as much ammo as possible before combat. Generally suited for close range combat as it has a quick Rate of Fire. It dosen't have the best accuracy when shooting targets at long range.


Battlesnake (cropped)

Firing the Battlesnake

1,300 Points for 1 day

7,280 Points for 7 days

It can not be bought permanently with Credits.

Bundles including the Battlesnake: Edit

Black Corps Pack (in Mac Uberstrike app) ($49.99)

Dragon Destruction Pack (Dragon Edition Battlesnake) ($150)

Uber Dragon Edition Pack (Battlesnake Dragon Edition below) ($250)


Currently unavaliable 

Battlesnake Dragon Edition