This map takes place in a small research lab under the waters of Lost Paradise. While it is claimed that this map is underwater, the map itself does not hold any reference to underwater features such as low gravity, slow movement etc. This is NOT a low gravity zone so
Aqualab Research Hub
you will NOT be in the water, just in a small lab located under the water.

Pickup Weapons

ARH (Aqualab Research Hub) features new pick up weapons, The Shadow Gun, Pain Hammer, Fusion Lance and Force Cannon. The Aqualab Research Hub is the first map to feature a weapon that cost credits only (The Pain Hammer). It is also one of the only two maps to feature a gun not available in the shop - the Shadow Gun

The only game mode available at ARH is Team Elimination.

Gameplay & Tips

If you enter a game that consists of mainly good players on both sides of team, the game usually results in a deadly ring-round-the-rosie face-off. As the map of ARH is in a shape of a square, players would need to make a detour to reach the enemies' base. The central pathway possesses a collison box and cannot be accessed without hacking. Strafing would be extremely useful to take advantage of here, as it can help you travel round the map in quick speeds. Experienced strafers can even strafe at speeds so fast that they can catch up with the enemy from behind, resulting in quick no-scope kills.