"Annihilator’: A long range energy weapon made for annihilating whatever comes in your path!" The Annihilator is a new Sniper-rifle classed weapon released only recently (Feb 2013). Unlike the more realistic guns like the AWP Sniper, The Annihilator is meant to be more of a futuristic, fantasy gun than anything else. When fired, the barrel of the gun splits open into three separate parts, only to converge again during the gun's cool-down time. In addition, the Ejection Port seems to rotate forwards when reloading, reinforcing the fact that the Annihilator is pure fantasy. Unlike the other weapons that are released during the same time period (ie During Chinese New Year) like the Boomslang, this weapon does not seem to make any
reference to the Year of The Snake, thus it is speculated that this weapon is a permanent addition to the UberStrike Shop.Annhilator is one the most accurate sniper as it has aimer even without scope helping,the user to aim without having to scope thus eliminating the weakness of having to scope. The Annihilator does a base damage of 120, and does 180 damage on headshots or nutshots.


UberStrikers have been discussing which weapon The Annihilator resembles the most. Some say that it resmebles the Partice Lance the most, as it shoots a green laser and has a targeting reticle instead of a zoomable scope, just like the Partice Lance. However, others say that it resembles the Dark Vanquisher more, because it does the same amount of damage and has the same firing rate. Even us editors have our own arguable views about this issue, so we will not give you a definite answer on which one it resmebles the most you can decide that one for yourself. Just go with the one you like.


Alternate Versions.Edit

There is a different colored version of the Annihilator called the Annihilator Special Edition. The Special Edition is colored neo orange-yellow/golden and fires orange lasers. It's basically an upgraded version of the Particle Lance Dragon Edition, with the Dark Vanquisher's rate of fire and damage output.

Annihilator LE



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If you really like noscoping, then buy this gun.

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