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Agent Xenon Regular Gear (Blue) and Agent Xenon Special Edition Gear (Yellow)

"Agent Xenon is a new character in UberStrike that takes Health & Safety to a whole new level. Trust us when we say you wouldn’t want to see him without his mask."

Agent Xenon is a new armour type tha made it's debut on Feb 15 2013. The uniform is a Bio-hazard protection suit, offering 60AP and 10DB. Full suit offers 120AP and 20DB. The armor set is more used on Armor combo's especially the Suit and Leggings


Although it is a so-called a bio-hazard suit 'that brings Health and Safety to a whole new level' [Quote: Official UberStrike webpage], in reality, it only offers 60 AP and 10% DB, not to mention there is NO bio-hazards in UberStrike to protect yourself from. This armor's AP and DB are woefully on par with many other types of armour in the shop like the Sergio Sanchez Gear, Counter Terrorist Gear, and the Baron Gear, just to name a few. Despite that, Agent Xenon can only be bought using credits.


'Xenon' is actually a chemical in the periodic table. It is a noble gas and is hardly reactive with other elements as it has a full valance shell. *Nostalgic reminiscence of chemistry classes come rushing back to your memory*. Agent Xenon is probably named as such because Xenon is a super-steady element, thus suggesting that wearing this armour will result in safe handling of hazardous chemicals. Whether this will help in real combat is a completely different story. Both versions of this armour match the Annihilator and its Special Edition counterpart respectively, as well as the SuperPRISM Reactor Map, in terms of colour and theme. Feel free to pick up a matching Annihilator sniper to go with your suit.

SuperPRISM Reactor is, according to CMUNE artists, a a Science laboratory, while Agent Xenon is also a Science laboratory suit. Xenon is the only element in the periodic table to have an 'X' in its name.

This gear marks the introduction of the first bio hazard protection gear ever to be realeased into UberStrike.

It is also available permanent for coins.